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Like every other music instrument, playing the piano can be challenging but with the right attitude and leaning techniques, it can be easy. Even though different styles present different complexity levels, it’s usually advisable for a student to learn several of these styles at the same time. This not only expands the knowledge base of the student, but it also equips them with the ability to play different styles and infuse them together to produce unique and interesting sounds. Some of the styles include rhythm and blues, cocktail piano, jazz, gospel and traditional sacred piano styles among others.

As the oldest piano style, classical style is usually recommended for students since most of the other styles generated from it. This not only makes it easy to learn the others but also for players to grasp the basics of playing. Although the traditional sacred style is sometimes confused with the gospel style, they are different with the latter having some similarities with blues and jazz that have extended cords. Traditional style on the other hand includes liturgical songs from old hymns. The rhythm and blues style focuses on the rhythm of the song while jazz is an infusion of other styles. The country piano style has simple cords that progress well whereas the new age style only relies on progressions between two cords and polycord where two cords are played at the same time.

Learning to play the piano isn’t a process that can be rushed and one needs to be prepared to put in a lot of effort before becoming an expert. It starts by learning the different piano styles and the difference between them, followed by learning the different music notes. The next step should be to know the piano keys since each key presents a different note. Once one is familiar with all keys, learning the music notes for the different styles can begin, followed by connecting them to get a flow. You can start with the style you want to learn first before moving to others as you practice more and become more confident.


Most people give up during the first few days when they realize that learning piano isn’t as easy as they thought. It can get boring and may seem unrewarding but keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to the final reward of becoming an expert should keep one going. With hard work, long hours and determination, one can get the necessary skills to play as an individual within a short period.

The beauty of music is that apart from its therapeutic nature, music has a way of connecting people. Music brings together people of different color, race, religion, regions and creed.Music as an art has evolved throughout the years in its production from using crude instruments to using some of the finest technology available. Definitely, the sound or the output has also been greatly improved. It can be argued that no music instrument has greatly influenced the production of music throughout the years than Piano, ever since it was invented.

The History of the Piano and Piano Music is a long one even if the exact year the musical instrument was invented is still in doubt. The widely accepted year that the piano was invented seems to be around the 1700s, in the 18th century. The others who disagree with that year of invention seem to agree that the year was much earlier, around the 1400s.Just like there are controversies with the invention year, also there are disputes regarding who actually invented the first piano instrument. This stringed and acoustic musical instrument invention by most accounts seems to be credited to the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori.

The piano instrument is played using a keyboard which has small levers. The fingers or the thumb is used to strike the keyboard which consequently causes the strings to be struck by hammers. The Italian version of the instrument around the year it was invented called pianoforte is from where the existing piano name was derived. Did you know that the Italian terms for Forte and Piano mean loud and soft respectively?The loud and soft refers to the sound variations produced when the hammer hits the strings. Normally, put simply the greater the pressure applied on the key press, the greater the sound produced.

If we cast our net wider in the history of the piano and Piano Music, it is also important to note of the first or the original musical instruments to influence the invention of the piano. If you are a Christian, the history of the piano instrument started around the biblical times. In the bible, two music instruments that had an influence over piano are organ and harp.

In Greek, famous for its earlier inventions, Hydraulis musical instrument was invented around 220 B.C. The instrument is important in the history of the piano because it was the first instrument to be recorded to have a keyboard. It formed the basis for most of the present organ instrument used today. Two other musical instruments worth mentioning here that greatly influenced the invention of thepiano also are Spinet and virginal.